Mami's Crunch was founded in 2006. I originally started making cracker for my daughter, who was off studying at college. I was trying to help her with a healthy alternative snack that was easy to store, as well as easy to transport around.
Naomi Tomoda: Founder of Mami's Crunch
In Japan, I owned a multi-cultural home-cooked restaurant and cafe that focused on organic ingredients for over 15 years. In 2005 I went to Bauman College and earned a degree in nutrition consultant. While there, I learned about a better choice of foods and about gluten free products. 
Mami Tomoda: Cofounder and first employee
Was the inspiration to open Mami's Crunch while she was at St. Mary's College studying biology. During her time there, Naomi wanted to help supply her with healthy snacks while she was busy studying.